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May 6, 2007 Geneva, IL

"You're Bleeding In the Brain...You're Not Going Anywhere."

"The next 24 hours are critical. You're not going anywhere." I remember those words vividly, lying on the gurney in the ER. About an hour before, I was playing softball, not a care in the world, just enjoying the game like I did every other Sunday. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be hearing these words, facing a critical situation as a husband and father of 5, all under the age of 12. "Life-changing" barely scratches the surface. I had no idea what I was heading towards...



Our mission is to break the mental health bondage so many of us are going through and to equip those who struggle with the mental and spiritual tools and mindsets to unlock their worth and their position of freedom, victory, purpose and operate as overcomers.

"It's Not Ok To Be Not Ok"

  • People are not meant to be stuck at "not ok"
  • I know, I was there...
  • I hope my story will change all that!

Omar Trevino


Ten years ago, I would have never thought I could express gratitude for who I am today. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined saying that I love the person I've become. On top of that, I never thought I would be called to embrace the purpose for which I was created.

My hope is that every student who hears me speak will not only hear my words but also experience the profound transformation that I have undergone. I want to inspire and ignite a spark within each listener, leading them to discover their own potential and embrace significant change.
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The Unexpected Challenge

At 35 years old, a family seven, five children and a career, life took an unforeseen turn, presenting me with challenges that reshaped the very core of my existence. A traumatic brain injury became the catalyst for a series of profound changes, leading to chronic pain, the loss of my job, and the initiation of a tumultuous divorce. As the storm unfolded, I found myself entangled in a custody battle, navigating financial ruin, and grappling with the complexities of rebuilding a life unexpectedly shattered.

The Victimhood Dilemma

I found myself ensnared in the suffocating web of despair, trauma, and deep depression. Battling the relentless grip of PTSD and chronic pain, I felt utterly alone, desperately in need of help. The constant struggle to provide for myself and my family amplified the weight of my burdens. Although my support system validated the immense challenges I faced, I grappled with conflicting emotions. While the understanding of others offered solace, I detested the feelings of doubt, worry, defeatism, and the unwelcome embrace of victimhood.

The Revelation Decision

I reached a moment of profound awakening. Faced with the stark reality of my circumstances, I came to my senses, gaining clarity about what I was going through and the necessary steps for recovery. What followed was an uphill battle—a mental and spiritual siege that proved both grueling and powerfully hopeful.

In the midst of this struggle, I had a revelation that altered the course of my existence. I recognized that the responsibility for my healing and restoration rested solely on my shoulders. Disheartened by past experiences with the church and faith, I discovered that my limiting beliefs was at the core of what I was experiencing.  

The Victor Position

I confronted a stark realization—I had allowed myself to occupy a mental and spiritual space of defeat and victimhood. Recognizing that this was not my destined position, I embarked on a profound mental and spiritual quest.

The journey was an intentional undoing of the past, a purposeful dismantling of the mental and spiritual barriers that confined me to a position of despair. In its place, I cultivated a mentality and embraced a position of extraordinary purpose and unwavering faith. This chapter delves into the empowering journey of reclaiming my mental and spiritual landscape, turning defeat into victory, and positioning myself in alignment with a purpose far greater than the challenges that once held me captive.


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Omar Trevino

Speaker, Mental Strength Coach, Founder


MaryAnn Trevino

Student Advocate / Executive Assistant